Marine Electrical, Electronics, & Corrosion

Yacht Training & Licensing

Marco is a traveller, adventurer, sailor, motorcyclist, and former demolition diver in Finnish navy. 

Marco has sailed since his early childhood, won several podium finishes in both keelboat and dinghy races, single-handedly and fully crewed.  He sailed his own 40-foot sloop from the Great Lakes to South America, and back to Toronto, twice over a three year period.

He is an instructor to unlimited oceans level for Int’l Yacht Master Training Worldwide (IYT), and an Advanced Cruising and Navigation instructor for Sail Canada. Marco received a Yacht Master certification in 2003, Ocean Master in 2006 and Unlimited Master of Yachts in 2012, and has since accumulated well over 60,000 nautical miles as a commercial Yacht Captain on superyachts up to 150 feet LOA in many parts of the world.

Marco graduated as a Certified Electronics Engineering Technician and provided computer/IT technical services for the next 13 years. He then went on to form a Project Management and Consulting business focussing in large IT projects. Today he uses his technical expertise as a Certified Technician by American Boat and Yacht Council “ABYC” for Marine Electrical Systems and Marine Corrosion, and most popular brands of Marine Electronics.

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